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T-Shirts & Other Apparel, Books, Mugs, Housewares & Other Gifts for Obsessed (and not so obsessed) Scrapbookers Welcome to Scrapbooking Obsession! Are you an obsessed scrapper? Have you ever staged an event just to use that cute sticker or die-cut that you had to have? Do you buy your childrens' clothing because it matches the great paper that you found? Do you have more scrapbooking toys (I mean tools) than any of your friends? Do you have more scrapbooking supplies than you could possibly ever use but you still continue buying? Have you ever staged any event because you just have to duplicate a layout that you've seen? Is the top of your dining room table (or some other similarly flat surface in your home) full of scrapbooking supplies? Does your husband go to work with little blue papers from your photo splits stuck to his shoes or clothes? Do you put off house-cleaning or sleeping to finish just one more layout? Do you dream about layouts? If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions then you just might be an obsessed scrapper! Welcome to the club!


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